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Upgrading - Aggiornamento di classi

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Updates to Ranking system, upgrading and Conclusion of ranking for 2021-2022

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Adult B Open LatinFinal
Adult B Open Latin - Round 132
Adult B Open Latin - Semi36
Adult B Open StandardFinal
Adult B Open Standard - Semi17
Adult B2 LatinFinal
Adult B2 StandardFinal
Adult B3 LatinFinal
Adult B3 StandardFinal
Adult C LatinFinal
Adult C StandardFinal
Adult D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Adult D JiveFinal
Adult D QuickstepFinal
Adult D RumbaFinal
Adult D SambaFinal
Adult D TangoFinal
Adult D Valzer LentoFinal
Junior 1 B Open LatinFinal
Junior 1 B Open Latin - Semi106
Junior 1 B Open StandardFinal
Junior 1 B2 LatinFinal
Junior 1 B2 StandardFinal
Junior 1 B3 LatinFinal
Junior 1 B3 StandardFinal
Junior 1 C LatinFinal
Junior 1 C StandardFinal
Junior 1 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Junior 1 D JiveFinal
Junior 1 D QuickstepFinal
Junior 1 D RumbaFinal
Junior 1 D SambaFinal
Junior 1 D Samba - Semi82
Junior 1 D TangoFinal
Junior 1 D Valzer LentoFinal
Junior 1 D Valzer VienneseFinal
Junior 2 B Open LatinFinal
Junior 2 B Open Latin - Round 196
Junior 2 B Open Latin - Semi107
Junior 2 B Open StandardFinal
Junior 2 B Open Standard - Semi54
Junior 2 B2 LatinFinal
Junior 2 B2 StandardFinal
Junior 2 B3 LatinFinal
Junior 2 B3 StandardFinal
Junior 2 C LatinFinal
Junior 2 C Latin - Semi119
Junior 2 C StandardFinal
Junior 2 C Standard - Semi74
Junior 2 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Junior 2 D JiveFinal
Junior 2 D QuickstepFinal
Junior 2 D SambaFinal
Junior 2 D TangoFinal
Junior 2 D Valzer LentoFinal
Junior 2 D Valzer VienneseFinal
Juvenile 1 B Open LatinFinal
Juvenile 1 B Open Latin - Semi104
Juvenile 1 B Open StandardFinal
Juvenile 1 B3 LatinFinal
Juvenile 1 B3 StandardFinal
Juvenile 1 C LatinFinal
Juvenile 1 C StandardFinal
Juvenile 1 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Juvenile 1 D Cha Cha Cha - Semi88
Juvenile 1 D Cha Cha Cha - Semi88A
Juvenile 1 D JiveFinal
Juvenile 1 D Jive - Semi110
Juvenile 1 D QuickstepFinal
Juvenile 1 D RumbaFinal
Juvenile 1 D Rumba - Semi99
Juvenile 1 D SambaFinal
Juvenile 1 D Samba - Semi78
Juvenile 1 D TangoFinal
Juvenile 1 D Tango - Semi48
Juvenile 1 D Valzer LentoFinal
Juvenile 1 D Valzer Lento - Semi42
Juvenile 1 D Valzer VienneseFinal
Juvenile 2 B Open LatinFinal
Juvenile 2 B Open Latin - Round 194
Juvenile 2 B Open Latin - Semi105
Juvenile 2 B Open StandardFinal
Juvenile 2 B2 LatinFinal
Juvenile 2 B3 LatinFinal
Juvenile 2 B3 StandardFinal
Juvenile 2 C LatinFinal
Juvenile 2 C StandardFinal
Juvenile 2 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Juvenile 2 D Cha Cha Cha - Semi89
Juvenile 2 D JiveFinal
Juvenile 2 D QuickstepFinal
Juvenile 2 D Quickstep - Semi62
Juvenile 2 D RumbaFinal
Juvenile 2 D Rumba - Semi100
Juvenile 2 D SambaFinal
Juvenile 2 D TangoFinal
Juvenile 2 D Valzer LentoFinal
Juvenile 2 D Valzer Lento - Semi43
Juvenile 2 D Valzer VienneseFinal
Senior 1 B Open LatinFinal
Senior 1 B Open StandardFinal
Senior 1 B3 StandardFinal
Senior 1 C LatinFinal
Senior 1 C StandardFinal
Senior 1 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Senior 1 D JiveFinal
Senior 1 D RumbaFinal
Senior 1 D SambaFinal
Senior 2 B Open LatinFinal
Senior 2 B Open StandardFinal
Senior 2 B Open Standard - Round 1166
Senior 2 B Open Standard - Semi173
Senior 2 B2 LatinFinal
Senior 2 B2 StandardFinal
Senior 2 B3 StandardFinal
Senior 2 C Ballo da SalaFinal
Senior 2 C LatinFinal
Senior 2 C LiscioFinal
Senior 2 C StandardFinal
Senior 2 C Standard - Semi160
Senior 2 D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Senior 2 D FoxtrotFinal
Senior 2 D JiveFinal
Senior 2 D MazurkaFinal
Senior 2 D PolkaFinal
Senior 2 D QuickstepFinal
Senior 2 D RumbaFinal
Senior 2 D SambaFinal
Senior 2 D TangoFinal
Senior 2 D Valzer LentoFinal
Senior 2 D Valzer VienneseFinal
Senior 3a B Open LatinFinal
Senior 3a B Open StandardFinal
Senior 3a B Open Standard - Round 1162
Senior 3a B Open Standard - Round 2167
Senior 3a B Open Standard - Semi174
Senior 3a B2 StandardFinal
Senior 3a B3 LatinFinal
Senior 3a B3 StandardFinal
Senior 3a B3 Standard - Semi189
Senior 3a C StandardFinal
Senior 3a C Standard - Semi159
Senior 3a D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Senior 3a D FoxtrotFinal
Senior 3a D JiveFinal
Senior 3a D MazurkaFinal
Senior 3a D QuickstepFinal
Senior 3a D Quickstep - Semi147
Senior 3a D RumbaFinal
Senior 3a D TangoFinal
Senior 3a D Tango - Semi136
Senior 3a D Valzer LentoFinal
Senior 3a D Valzer Lento - Semi130
Senior 3a D Valzer VienneseFinal
Senior 3b B Open LatinFinal
Senior 3b B Open StandardFinal
Senior 3b B Open Standard - Round 1165
Senior 3b B Open Standard - Round 2169
Senior 3b B Open Standard - Semi175
Senior 3b B2 LatinFinal
Senior 3b B2 StandardFinal
Senior 3b B2 Standard - Semi192
Senior 3b B3 StandardFinal
Senior 3b B3 Standard - Semi190
Senior 3b C Ballo da SalaFinal
Senior 3b C LiscioFinal
Senior 3b C StandardFinal
Senior 3b C Standard - Semi161
Senior 3b D FoxtrotFinal
Senior 3b D MazurkaFinal
Senior 3b D QuickstepFinal
Senior 3b D TangoFinal
Senior 3b D Valzer LentoFinal
Senior 3b D Valzer VienneseFinal
Senior 4a B Open LatinFinal
Senior 4a B Open StandardFinal
Senior 4a B Open Standard - Round 1168
Senior 4a B Open Standard - Round 2170
Senior 4a B Open Standard - Semi176
Senior 4a B2 StandardFinal
Senior 4a B3 LatinFinal
Senior 4a B3 StandardFinal
Senior 4a C LatinFinal
Senior 4a C StandardFinal
Senior 4a D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Senior 4a D FoxtrotFinal
Senior 4a D MazurkaFinal
Senior 4a D PolkaFinal
Senior 4a D QuickstepFinal
Senior 4a D Quickstep - Semi148
Senior 4a D RumbaFinal
Senior 4a D TangoFinal
Senior 4a D Valzer LentoFinal
Senior 4a D Valzer VienneseFinal
Senior 4a D Valzer Viennese - Semi144
Senior 4b B Open StandardFinal
Senior 4b B2 StandardFinal
Senior 4b B3 StandardFinal
Senior 4b C StandardFinal
Youth B Open LatinFinal
Youth B Open Latin - Semi35
Youth B Open StandardFinal
Youth B Open Standard - Semi16
Youth B2 LatinFinal
Youth B3 LatinFinal
Youth B3 StandardFinal
Youth C LatinFinal
Youth C StandardFinal
Youth D Cha Cha ChaFinal
Youth D JiveFinal
Youth D QuickstepFinal
Youth D RumbaFinal
Youth D SambaFinal
Youth D TangoFinal
Youth D Valzer LentoFinal