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Updates to Ranking system, upgrading and Conclusion of ranking for 2021-2022

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Syllabus Cup Project

The Syllabus Cup project has been specifically designed to develop and strengthen the future of dancesport. In these competitions, everyone has the chance to start their competitive career on the right foot. Even the most fragile and inexperienced of competitors is afforded the honour of dancing for and being judged by the most prestigious of panels - great champions of the past and present as well as top teachers - in order to learn the art of competing with enthusiasm and honour in an environmente which resepcts the values of dance and sport.

From 'D Class' (single-dance competitions with Bronze level choreography restrictions) couples can progress through C, B3, B2 and B1 class towards elevation to A class competition and participation in the main events at the Star Cup and Championship competitions. From this pool of talent the champions tomorrow's champions are borne and with ever-growing numbers (a record 1,750 entries in a single day was reached in 2019) the future is looking bright.

Even the rising stars of the Syllabus Cup can expect a great challenge at the end of the season with the Syllabus World Championships which not only concludes the ranking list of the Syllabus Cups held throughout the previous 12 months but also assigns the title of world syllabus champion to the winning couple in each category.

Even the organisational model of the Syllabus Cup competitions is futuristic, built around the athlete with a timetable adapted to the needs of the families and supporters who enter for and minimal entry fees allowing athletes to concentrate their efforts on their constant improvement in dancing.