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Star Cup Project

Since 2008, Star Cup competitions have grown from single day competitions to world famous events with hundreds of couples coming from all over the world to participate. This exponential growth can be put down to a futuristic vision for dancesport with great respect for the traditions of dancesport which translate into competitions characterised by enthusiasm, respect, glamour and prestige.

Over two days, couples compete to impress world-reknowned panels of adjudicators with their skill and artistry. The top ranked couples in the Rising Star Standard and Latin competitions (in these competitions the top 12 of the championship ranking lìst are excluded from competing) will achieve a 'star exemption' from the first round of the next championships. Open events are held in all categories in both standard and latin and entering the floor from the backstage area for the final is an honour every couple wishes to achieve. The Star Cup also provides further opportunity to Syllbaus level dancers who may compete in the Open Competitions as well as special B Open competitions, englobing the D, C and B class competitors involved in the Syllabus Cup competition circuit.

The organisational model of the Star Cup competitions remains competitor centric, and junior and juvenile competitions are alternated with the Open Adult Rising Star events to allow them to grow with clear exmples of model competitors to follow. Public entry remains free for all and minimal entry fees allow athletes to concentrate their efforts on their constant improvement in dancing.

Star Cup Final, Verona 2021 Left to Right - Organisers Paolo Santin, Elisa Chanaa, Benedetto Ferruggia. Finalists 1) Marius-Andrei Balan & Khrystyna Moshenska - Germany, 2) Charles-Guillaume Schmitt & Elena Salikhova - France, 3) Edgar Marcos Borjas & Alina Nowak - Poland, 4) Stefano Mendolia & Oxana Kononova - Italy, 5) Raffaello Brancato & Mishel Magera - Italy, 6) David Diaz Falcon & Denise Beccari - Spain

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