The legendary Dr Peter Maxwell presents... The Paso Doble

Dancesport Heritage (DSH) is a competition system created to protect the heritage of standard and latin american dancing. In recent years dancesport has been divided into many different discplines, some individual, some for couples and others for teams. This has had strong repercussions on the world of standard and latin american dancesport.

This project, dedicated esclusively to the international styles of dancesport, aims to breath new life into this type of dancing. The organisational protocol for these events safeguard the heritage of competitive dancing at all levels. The names of these championships come from the most famous competitions of the past: a tribute and a promise to generate glamour, respect and uniqueness in these events.

The Legends Camp 2024 - The announcer: "The four most beautiful couples in the world! The four most beautiful rumbas in the world!"

Online Entries and Ticket Purchase Date
26th Italian Open Championship - IOC 2024
Cervia (Ita)
18-23 June 2024
Entries within: 04/06/2024
International Championships 2024
Koper (Slo)
10-13 October 2024
Entries within: 19/09/2024
CSIT World Championships and World Cup (Section 1)
Toronto (Can)
18-19 October 2024
Entries within: 18/10/2024
Star Cup Prato 2024
Prato (Italy)
26-27 October
Entries within: 11/10/2024
CSIT World Championships 2024 (Section 2)
Schladming (Austria)
1-3 November 2024
Entries within: 16/10/2024
CSIT World Championships 2024 (Section 3)
San Marino (RSM)
22-24 November 2024
Entries within: 07/11/2024
Star Cup Budrio 2024
Budrio (Italy)
30 Nov - 1 Dec 2024
Entries within: 15/11/2024
Syllabus Cup Merano 2024
Merano (Italy)
14 December 2024
Entries within: 01/12/2024
Universal Championships 2025
Mantova (Italy)
30 Jan - 2 Feb 2025
Entries within: 03/01/2025
Syllabus Cup Anagni 2025
Anagni (?) (Ita)
9 February 2025
Entries within: 19/01/2024
International Senior Cup 2025
Pieve di Cento (Ita)
23 February 2025
Entries within: 10/02/2025
Star Championships and World Syllabus Championships 2025
Pieve di Cento (Italy)
13-16 March 2025
Entries within: 13/03/2025
Syllabus Cup Molinella 2025
Molinella (Ita)
13 April 2025
Entries within: 01/04/2025
Campionato Interregionale Settore Nord 2025
Cividale (Ita)
26-27 April 2025
Entries within: 01/04/2025
Campionato Interregionale Settore Centro-Sud 2025
San Benedetto del Tronto (Ita)
25-26 April 2025
Entries within: 01/04/2025