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Syllabus Championship Sospeso per Emergenza Coronavirus

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Registration and Entry System Online

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DanceSport Australia
Entry System

This On-Line Entry System is integrated with the DanceSport Australia Database. This system will automatically check your registration status on the Database. All Australian competitors are required to be registered with DanceSport Australia at the time of placing their Entry.

Entries require your CID Number, this is the number of your DanceSport Australia Account Number.

All Entries are attached to an Email Address that must be validated. If an email is entered that is NOT validated the system will send an email to your email address with a validation link, clicking this link will show that you have access to the nominated address. Validation is only required once for that email address.

NOTE: If you have your Username set as your email address ... you are already validated!!!



Privacy Statement

DanceSport Australia take all reasonable steps to secure your data.

Collection of your Email Address is for the sole purpose of contacting you about matters concerning your Entry and DanceSport Australia registered Competitions.

At no time will your Email Address (or any other personal information) be passed on to a third party.